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Russia Today Documentary — программа передач — Нур-Султан

Пт, 22Сб, 23СегодняПн, 25Вт, 26Ср, 27Чт, 28Пт, 29Сб, 30Вс, 31
Пт, 22Сб, 23СегодняПн, 25Вт, 26Ср, 27Чт, 28Пт, 29Сб, 30Вс, 31
Вы просматриваете программу канала «Russia Today Documentary» для региона «Нур-Султан». Чтобы посмотреть телепрограмму вашего региона, перейдите на главную страницу телепрограммы и воспользуйтесь поиском по каналам
05:00Deadly Waters (Part 1)
05:12Deadly Waters (Part 2)
05:30Price Of Vice (Part 3)
06:00People's Problems (Transsport Part 1)
06:13People's Problems (Transsport Part 2)
06:30Sklif (After a failed kidney transplant, is this patient ready to try surgery agai)
07:00Sklif (A woman who has spent 17 years on dialysis)
07:30Sklif (A mystery diagnosis, an organ transplant and a woman who turned yellow)
08:00Sklif (A rare double-organ transplant operation)
08:30Sklif (A young woman gets a new lease of life with a kidney transplant)
09:00Sklif (A fun day out in childhood leads to a life-long debilitating condition)
09:30Price Of Vice (Part 3)
10:00Switched At Birth (Part 1)
10:11Switched At Birth (Part 2)
10:30China's Digital Detox
10:41China's Digital Detox
11:00China's Digital Detox
11:13China's Digital Detox
11:30Children Of The Front (Part 1)
11:43Children Of The Front (Part 2)
12:00The Case (Tough Love: Part 1)
12:13The Case (Tough Love: Part 2)
12:30Daily Bread (Wildfire Warriors: Part 1)
12:43Daily Bread (Wildfire Warriors: Part 2)
13:00Soviet Paradise (Part 1)
13:14Soviet Paradise (Part 2)
13:30Hunting Boko Haram (Part 1)
13:42Hunting Boko Haram (Part 2)
14:00People's Problems (Cyber Censors: Part 1)
14:12People's Problems (Cyber Censors: Part 2)
14:30Zombie Fashion
14:44Historical files (Tula: 500 Years Of Heroism)
15:00Once Upon A Crime: U.S. Police Brutality (Part 1)
15:14Once Upon A Crime: U.S. Police Brutality (Part 2)
15:30Migingo: The Iron-clad Island (Part 1)
15:43Migingo: The Iron-clad Island (Part 2)
16:00The Silk Road (Infrastructure)
16:30Surviving Terrorism: 10 Years On (Part 1)
16:44Surviving Terrorism: 10 Years On (Part 2)
17:00Deadly Waters (Part 1)
17:12Deadly Waters (Part 2)
17:30Combat Approved (Vikhr: Reborn as Robot)
18:00People's Problems (Transsport Part 1)
18:13People's Problems (Transsport Part 2)
18:30Soviet Paradise (Part 1)
18:44Soviet Paradise (Part 2)
19:00Us Veterans: Not Forgotten (Part 1)
19:12Us Veterans: Not Forgotten (Part 1)
19:30Us Veterans: Not Forgotten (Part 2)
19:43Us Veterans: Not Forgotten (Part 2)
20:00Mistress Of The Cave (Part 1)
20:13Mistress Of The Cave (Part 2)
20:30Children Of The Front (Part 1)
20:43Children Of The Front (Part 2)
21:00The Case (Tough Love: Part 1)
21:13The Case (Tough Love: Part 2)
21:30Hunting Boko Haram (Part 1)
21:42Hunting Boko Haram (Part 2)
22:00Sea Life Savers (Part 1)
22:13Sea Life Savers (Part 1)
22:30Sea Life Savers (Part 2)
22:43Sea Life Savers (Part 2)
23:00People's Problems (Cyber Censors: Part 1)
23:12People's Problems (Cyber Censors: Part 2)
23:30Zombie Fashion
23:44Historical files (Tula: 500 Years Of Heroism)
00:00Taste of Russia (Borodino II: French Onion Soup & Buckwheat Kasha on the battlefield)
00:30Taste of Russia (Making Greek Salad à la Russe & Stolen Lamb for a "small" Greek dinner part)
01:00Taste of Russia (A Caucasian adventure: Grilled sheep’s liver & local cheese in mountain par)
01:30Taste of Russia (A Caucasian adventure: Grilled sheep’s liver & local cheese in mountain par)
02:00Taste of Russia (Patriot: Playing soldier and making appetisers for ‘real men’)
02:30Taste of Russia (Is this a yolk? Ostrich omelettes & peculiar pastries)
03:00Price Of Vice (Part 3)
03:30Out of cycle (The Untamed Shrew Part 1)
03:44Out of cycle (The Untamed Shrew Part 2)
04:00Out of cycle (The Untamed Shrew Part 3)
04:11Out of cycle (The Untamed Shrew Part 4)
04:30My Life, My Way (I Married A Hologram)
04:45Art of Isolation
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